We Provide Expert Servicing to Prevent Refrigeration System From Revenue Draining Interruptions


Therefore, our clients are not just paying for a piece of equipment but for their peace of mind! That’s why with our 4-24-48 Hour Service Promise, we make sure they don’t get hit with costly business interruptions due to broken systems, unavailable parts and late repairs or delayed servicing!

Clients get the most out of the refrigeration system investment throughout useful life!

We provide preventive and proactive maintenance servicing to existing refrigeration systems and even those that is beyond warranties from former supplier.

We understand your goal to always keep the system in business performance and stop the high cost, week-long to month-long repairs.


We believe that a good first impression is key to a harmonious relationship with customers and to the success of their business. Here at DRIM, this strong client partnership starts right at first customer interaction, with a detailed discussion about the customer’s specific refrigeration concerns and a thorough assessment of what they need and how they want it done.



DRIM knows that each client concern requires a unique and personalized fix. Our team of competent and innovative people are committed in providing only the best refrigeration solutions that are carefully crafted and specially designed to satisfy the specific needs of every customer. “One size fits all” is not a part of our vocabulary.



Aside from high-quality refrigeration equipment and supplies, DRIM also provides professional setup and installation services at affordable rates. Our pool of well-trained and certified technicians are glad to take care of this tedious task so our clients can focus on other important business matters.



To ensure that customers get the most out of their investment, DRIM offers an extensive after-sales service that includes preventive and proactive maintenance servicing and regular equipment and facilities check-up. Our fast and round-the-clock customer assistance also extends to existing refrigeration systems and even to out-of-warranty units so clients need not to worry about operations breakdown and profit loss.